Stageworks Media is a New York-based theatrical production company specializing in bringing stories, characters and music from across pop culture to life on the stage.

We partner with major Hollywood studios, music publishers and other content owners in order to develop and produce memorable live experiences based on their intellectual property, creating new revenue streams and exposing their valued material to new audiences.

We also develop original plays and musicals for distributors with specific audience needs (e.g. TYA, performing arts centers, stock and amateur licensing companies), delivering produceable material customized for their marketplace.


As a full service production company, we provide a variety of services that vary based on our partners and client’s particular needs.

Services often include:

  • Identifying titles that have potential in the live theatrical space and assembling the right creative team and roll-out plan to bring them to life on the stage.
  • Developing content for alternative theatrical markets (touring, direct-to-licensing, immersive and site specific productions.), and lining up a distribution pipeline.
  • Executive producing services on first and second class productions.
  • Securing any additional underlying rights required to exploit key titles partially owned.